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Meet the Team



Linda could never envision a career that wasn’t creative. In high-school she took as many art classes as possible, loving the hands-on and limitless nature of the craft, before one special teacher inspired Linda to pursue a Diploma of Textiles at Wellington Polytechnic, which is now known as Massey University. It was a coveted course, with only 13 people chosen to attend based on a submitted portfolio of work. After finishing her studies, Linda embraced all of the culture and stimulus the world has to offer by backpacking through Europe then living in Spain, USA and United Kingdom with a particular love for the art in Italy and the rich textiles history of the UK. Eventually, Linda flew home to plant roots in Auckland. One day, Martha’s popped up for sale and something just clicked. It was a full circle moment, grounding her in the original passion she had for fabric and textiles.

Linda took over Martha’s Furnishing Fabrics in 2015 and, with the help of her creative and innovative female-lead team, has transformed it into a funky brand that really embodies the vast possibilities that furnishing fabrics offer. Taking a thread of inspiration from each leg of her travels and life experience, Linda has woven together an ever-changing collection of high-quality fabrics carefully sourced from around the world. Linda’s approach to business always starts with relationships as a foundation, whether that’s with suppliers across the globe or local customers in-store.



Tammy is an innovative all-rounder who puts the proverbial pedal to the metal, driving Martha’s into the future. With an early education highlighting hands-on learning as well as a family of keen weavers, knitters and sewers, a career in creativity was already in motion from a young age. After navigating through many mediums, Tammy landed on a Bachelor of Design with Honours majoring in Textile Design and instantly felt like she had found her people; that feeling continued when she started at Martha’s. Tammy loves to get into the gritty details of day-to-day processes, systems and numbers to improve efficiency and customer experience. Unsurprisingly, she also finds joy and maximum satisfaction in figuring out tricky curtain tracks or complicated project calculations!

Tammy has been a crucial part of the Martha’s journey, whether it’s developing the new look, managing store operations or being the logistics mastermind behind large future projects. Her personal style contains splashes of restrained colour with practicality in mind and will always challenge customers to take a chance on their favorite fabrics. Tammy is our valuable, driving force behind the scenes but if you’re lucky, you might find her for a chat in-store!



Leigh is our design and marketing powerhouse who is passionate about all things clashing and colourful. Creativity has been passed down through Leigh’s family with sewers, painters, and cake bakers all keeping the artistic flair flowing.  When she was younger, Leigh would visit the Ballantynes Fashion store with her Nana every school holidays where she would frequent their ornate fabrics section; this is where her love of textiles began.

This led Leigh to study a Bachelor of Design majoring in Textiles where she achieved First Class Honours. She found there was a thrill and satisfaction upon seeing her designs printed on fabric to be worn or used as furnishings, taking on a rich life of their own.

She now is an absolute all-rounder that excels in graphic design, fabric knowledge and having an eye for maximalist trends. Leigh has spearheaded the Martha’s aesthetic we know today, envisioning and executing the branding, store paintjob and overall vibe that you love so much!



Indi’s experience in the design and textiles industry is masterfully built from various areas of expertise. Indi has completed studies in Architecture, Design, and Building as well as holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts. It’s no surprise that her passion is driven by a need to be creative while working upon a foundation of functionality and technical prowess. Indi loves to embark on customer’s technical challenges, confidently steering toward a solution with innovation and creativity at the helm.

When advising on home furnishings, she considers the thermal component, durability, and other special features as elements that should not be overlooked and always aims to create a sensory feast using textures. Given this background, Indi is our go-to women for all things curtain hardware, is excellent at colour matching and loves to help customers create a cozy and personal space, where function and individual style live harmoniously.



Chloe has a long-standing passion for both visual arts and fashion, ultimately knitting both endeavors together by studying a Bachelor of Textile Design. While studying Textile Design she deepened her love for hands-on work and technical knowledge of materials, being particularly proud of a stunning final project that intertwined the mediums of felting, crochet and embroidery. With her insight into how textures and fabric behave in both the visual and functional aspects of a design, Chloe enjoys partnering these elements for utmost aesthetic synergy. Chloe loves to help customers craft their home around an inspirational piece of art or vibe, providing invaluable advice on complementing colours and creating a bold, cohesive look that is just enough out of your comfort zone.



Selena’s childhood home is filled with professional images of their family that her Mum photographed when she was young; it seems the shutter bug is hard to avoid. Selena began her own photography journey when working in adventure tourism. Her favourite days were shooting on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, harnessed 40m above the Waitemata Harbour, as a Roving Photographer for bungy jumpers. She also assisted the marketing team in creating exciting and fresh social media content. Her interest in photography was peaked from there. She ‘borrowed’ her Mum’s trusty camera and hasn’t put one down since.

Selena has worked as a professional event/ product photographer, content creator and social media manager. Even during downtime, you’ll often find her combining her love of travel and journalism with her passion for documenting and capturing artful images. With diverse product photography experience, she now brings her passion and creativity to Martha’s to ensure there are website images to shop from, furnishing inspo images to save and engaging blogs to read.



Charlotte has grown up with colour and creativity. With her mother as a fashion designer, and a family full of sewers, it's not surprising she's taken a liking to the creative industry. Keeping art and design as a hobby, she forged her own passions by studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Creative Advertising.

Charlotte thrives on crafting a project around a client’s vision. She loves considering a customer’s existing style, item, or inspiration to produce options you’ll love. But, if you're in need of a push outside your comfort zone, Charlotte's your girl. With her own eclectic style, she's ready to liven up your space.



Ali has spent her whole life loving design, colour and textiles; she cannot pin point the moment her passion began, as it wasn’t an event or moment that started her love of the industry, but more a fiber woven in from the start. Her wealth of knowledge comes from a lifetime spent immersed in this passion, including designing fashion pieces internationally before coming back to New Zealand to work in landscape design on home soil. Ali loves “putting it all together” and helping people to design a space they love. If you’re in need of some ‘big picture’ fabric advice, pop in and chat to Ali on a Monday.



Hannah has a masterful eye for interiors and applies this to relevant market trends, pairing an ideal interior with its perfect client. Hannah has always had a love for art that led her to study Art History and Design before progressing her career towards commercial interior styling, branding and project management. Having an eye for big-picture style and her finger on the pulse of emerging trends, Hannah started her career at a leading New Zealand interior magazine before moving to London and working as a key member of the creative team at Designer’s Guild.  Here she worked alongside Tricia Guild and other world leading interior figures to bring new collections of fabrics and wallpapers to life through inspiring blueprints for showrooms and advertising across the world.  Before moving home to New Zealand, Hannah worked for a number of years in Sydney at a world leading branding agency, Frost Collective.  Here she worked in the interiors team which focused on the branding of environments with the customer experience at front of mind.

In her spare time Hannah loves advising on and sourcing artwork for her friends in a passion project to make quality, original art by New Zealand artists more accessible. Hannah enjoys encouraging customers to play with patterns and colours, so if you need a little push out of your comfort zone, pop in and see Hannah on a Monday.



Rowan is a hugely multi-talented member of our team. They first caught the creativity bug when learning to knit from their Mum at a very young age and wearing garments sewn by their Grandmother. They now tackle all kinds of creative, hands-on hobbies, like patchwork cardigans and large cross stitch pieces to name a few. Rowan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science and loves to take a break from intense study by surrounding themselves with the colour and texture at Martha’s, knitting together both of their passions. A self-proclaimed extrovert, Rowan loves to chat and help customers bring their vision to life and really craft the big picture with textures and colour.