Where to draw the line on curtains

Where to draw the line on curtains

With more than 600 different curtain fabrics in-stock Martha’s has a fabric for every window.

Curtains make a huge difference to the appearance of any room as well as significantly increasing insulation and protecting against heat loss.

Discuss your window measurements with our friendly and knowledgeable team at Martha’s. We can calculate your fabric requirements and recommend a number of fantastic curtain makers who offer a very professional and affordable service.

Here are some things to consider with curtains and care advice:

· Selecting Fabric – Before you buy your curtain or blind fabric, it is always best to order a fabric sample. This allows you to see the fabric in your home and also to feel the material before you make a decision.

· Measuring your windows – Always measure your windows with a metal ruler or tape. Measure once, write down amount, then measure again to be sure.

· Maximising your view – By extending the Curtain Track either side of the window, when the Curtain is open it will stack onto the wall and not encroach over the window maximising natural light and your view.

Colour fastness and fading – No fabric is 100% colour fast, especially with the harsh and intense sun that we have here in New Zealand. The best way to protect your curtains is to line them. Adding lining to the back of your curtains creates a barrier between the sun and the back of your fabric, check out our blog “Benefits of lining your curtains” below to understand lining options.. Another great idea is to swap your curtains over from one side of the track to the other every so often, so that exposure is even.