Double the delight – with linen gauze curtains!

Double the delight – with linen gauze curtains!

Most likely when you hear the words sheer curtains images of Grannies net curtains at the kitchen window come to mind. But sheer curtains have come along way from those days and are available in natural, desirable fabrics such as gauze linens.

The most well-known hanging option when using a fabric such as a sheer gauze linen is to use a double track system that hangs the drapes on the front track with your sheer linen gauze curtain sitting on the track behind. This combination allows for beautiful filtered light, whilst still framing the window either side, with either a plain or patterned fabric.

During the day you can have your gauze linen as you feature fabric pulled for privacy and then at night your main fabric adds warmth and darkness to your room.

Another option, which is just as popular, is to use your sheer gauze linen as the feature fabric with a plain lining behind it.

When using this option, the soft effect of the sheer gauze linen is always the hero in the room and this effect can be attached by using a singular track.

This way your lining protects the sheer linen gauze from the sun.

Linen gauses can also be used as a decorative way to frame a window and look fantastic when combined with a roman blind.

By using a sheer linen gauze you can give a room a softer natural look, or use a metallic linen gauze and achieve a modern sophistication interior.