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Furnishing Fabrics

melrose street (off khyber pass road)


Why we love recovering; recycling and re-using sofas and chairs!

Why we love recovering; recycling and re-using sofas and chairs!

Here at Martha’s we love nothing more than seeing an old piece of furniture being bought back to life – celebrating all the character and history that has gone before and reinventing the piece to make it a fashionable addition to your home. The environmental benefits are obvious. Upcycling, recovering and reusing pre-loved furniture prevents furniture that has good bones (timber and construction), and is well designed from being discarded and becoming land fill. Another just as rewarding reason to recover that family heirloom or treasure that you find, is that it has a story (Oh that’s great uncle Fred’s chair) and a unique style and it will be a truly original piece as opposed to the mass produced look-a-likes that are everywhere today. The number one thing to consider consider when looking for an upholstery fabric is who is going to use it? and how often? If you are looking to recover a chair that will sit in the family TV room and be used everyday you need to look for a stronger fabric than you would need if you were covering a bedroom chair in a quest room that only gets occasional usage. If you have young children, you need to find a fabric that will not show every speak that is dropped on it and that is easy to spot clean. Also will pets being using this furniture too? If so you need to look for a tight woven fabric as it is easier to vacuum the animal fur off and cats are less likely to snag it. When it comes to colour, texture and patterns the world is your oyster so to speak. Our 2016 range at Martha’s is our most exciting and diverse range to-date. It is always best to order a fabric sample first and look at in conjunction with the piece of furniture you are recovering. Either visit us in store or on-line to receive your free samples