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Plush life - Appreciating and caring for your velvet

Plush life - Appreciating and caring for your velvet

Here at Martha's we are huge fans of velvet.

Its luxurious plushness adds a touch of class and indulgence to any home and works wonderfully for upholstery and lush, full drapes. Our main line of velvet at Martha's is J.B. Martin, and if you've watched their clip on the velvet-making process you'll see exactly why we like them so much!

It's clear that the team at J.B. Martin are passionate about velvet, and pride themselves in making a masterpiece fabric.

It is this care that goes into making the fabric that you should also put in to protect it long term.

We've compiled a list of tips for you to think about when caring for your velvet before and after it's been made into its beautiful final product!



• We recommend you always store your velvet rolled onto the core it was given to you on - please do not fold your velvet!

• If possible, suspend your velvet - or keep it laying on a flat, even surface, never standing it on end.

• We also recommend you avoid sitting anything on top of or pushing into the velvet, which may cause irregular bruising to the pile.

• Finally, we advise you make your final product with haste, so as to avoid any of the above. 



Acquiring a speccial nozzle for your vacuum for velvet can aid greatly in protecting the pile as you can clean fuzz off your upholstery or drapes. 

• For any spills, make sure you never rub or dab the fabric, simply take an absorbent cloth or paper towel, and leave it in place as it absorbs - then leave it to air dry.

• Professional upholstery and curtain cleaning is recommended for all fabrics.


We hope you love and appreciate all of velvet's opulence and grandeur as much as we do!