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Linen Curtaining

Linen Curtaining

Here at Martha’s we have been asked a lot lately about linen as a curtaining choice, which is a summer favourite due to its light, natural look and feel.

If you are considering linen, here is some information we believe will be helpful!

Firstly linen fabrics are a beautiful choice if you are looking to introduce natural textures and timeless elegance into your home.

Not only do linen curtains look great, but they are also a great conductor of heat and will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Linen is lovely to live with and being a natural product it won’t cause irritations or allergies when used in your home.

The production of linen has minimum impact on the environment. The flax plant that linen is made from requires little to no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

At Martha’s we have a wide selection of linens that are perfect for curtains. Everything from iridescent gauzes through to classic textured linens.

Our most popular fabric at Martha’s right now is our pre-washed and dyed vintage linens – perfect for the quintessential shabby chic look; a romantic ethereal feel or a contemporary style; or maybe creating a timeless country look.

Allowing linen curtains to flow onto the floor (which is called puddling), is not only a fantastic look but also helps with insulation and noise control from outside environments.

What about fading, you say? Well, in New Zealand and Australia the sun is very harsh - not only on our skin but also on our furnishings.

So linen, just like every other fabric will be effected over time by the harsh sun. Lining your curtains helps to minimize fading. We recommend installing double tracks as this allows for the best of both worlds, achieving filtered light but also having protection and insulation.

Linen provides a gentle touch of style to any room and is a fantastic curtaining choice.


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